Jenn Lucas


How I got my start: I'm a former NCAA Division 1 track and field athlete - though mostly field (shot put, discus, and hammer throw.) After 4 years of training, 5 a.m. workouts, and too many injuries, I walked away. I was done. Over it. I retreated from fitness for the next few years. 

Over time, my sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle caught up with me. My body now hurt from lack of movement, and I'd gained weight due to poor eating habits. 

Thankfully, I wandered into a group fitness class at my local gym - and the rest is history. I soon became an instructor and fell back in love with fitness. 

How I became a Fat Loss Foodie: Wanting to take things to the next level as an instructor and inspire more people, I turned to social media to find somebody who could help me reach my goals. Enter Leslie Ann (aka LAQ.) It was an Instagram match made in heaven! LAQ had something that was different, real, and just made sense to me. The results were astounding and eventually, I HAD to become an FLF coach so I could help others do the same.

Go Ahead And Try To Compete With This: 

Metabolic Effect Fat Loss Nutrition Certification - Level 1

Les Mills National Trainer, Presenter, and Assessor - RPM®

Les Mills National Presenter - BODYPUMP®

Reebok Athlete 

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the College of William and Mary

Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, Personal Fitness Trainer Certification

Certified Les Mills BODYPUMP®, RPM®, SPRINT™ and BODYFLOW® Instructor