LEVEL UP: New FLF Coaching Intensives are here!

“What now?”

You’ve completed Fat Loss Cooking School. You’ve been #TeamFLF for a while now. You had a great start but then, something changed and now you’re struggling figure out where things are going wrong and why you’re not getting results any more. You’re even thinking you might need to re-do Fat Loss Cooking School…

You probably don’t. You already have all the knowledge you need to get results. Now it’s a matter of execution. Taking action, refocusing, and nailing the basics.

New Level Up: Nutrition Coaching Intensives with the FLF coaches will give you the refresh of knowledge and accountability you need to recharge your FLF lifestyle.

We envision these as mini refresher courses we offer throughout the year between other programs. They are short and very specific for a reason: to get you laser-focused on your goals again.

If you’re going to do this and make it count, BE ALL IN. Be open to trying something new and challenge yourself. We’re going to push you and make you a little uncomfortable. There’s a reason you’re stuck. Let’s find out what that is and move past it.

What is a Coaching Intensive?

An FLF Coaching Intensive is a two-week condensed coaching program to get you moving towards your fat loss goals again - fast.

In week 1, we’ll hit all the big dial-movers for female fat loss:

  • Nutrition: Overview of fat loss nutrition basics, Burner Type templates,

  • Training: Finding the sweet spot with strength training and cardio.

  • Lifestyle/Stress Management: The hardest part, but the thing that moves the dial the MOST. Movement and Mindfulness.

In week 2, the focus will be how to make the shift from dieter to detective.

  • Keeping HEC in Check - and what to do when it’s not.

  • Metabolic Flexibility - Changing your template to get results - and keep getting them.

  • Sustaining your way of eating and making this a lifestyle.

The first 2-week FLF Nutrition Coaching Intensive starts Monday, March 18 and ends Monday, April 1. Jenn Lucas will be running the first group as a pilot. To preserve a small group atmosphere and allow for more 1:1 connection, the group size is limited to the first 20 ladies who register.

RESTRICTIONS APPLY: Coaching Intensives are limited to FLF program alumni and returning clients only. You must have the foundation and understanding of basic FLF principles before participating in a Coaching Intensive. Do Fat Loss Cooking School FIRST, then come back for this if and when you need it.

COST: $99

PROGRAM: coaching delivered via email, private Facebook group, live coaching videos, and daily “post your plate” nutrition check-ins Monday through Friday.