Fat Loss Cooking School Affiliate Information

Hello and THANK YOU for being a part of the Spring 2019 Fat Loss Cooking School launch! Here is everything you need to know to be an FLCS Affiliate. Thanks again - and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out: LeslieAnn@FatLossFoodies.com

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Fat Loss Cooking School is a 4-week program that starts Monday, April 1 and ends Sunday, April 28.

Program cost

$199 USD

NEW: VIP Access for an additional $99 USD


25% ($50 per registration)


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1. To get credit for a referral, your referral must use your personalized affiliate link. If they register directly with FLF as a result of our online content (on our website or through our social media channels), we cannot go back and give credit for sales retroactively. We have too many affiliates and the program is getting too big to manually track this like we did in years past.

2. A PayPal account is required for payouts. At the end of the Registration Period (April 1), affiliate sales will be tallied up and paid out during the first week of April to your PayPal account.

3. You must have a W-9 form on file with FLF. Affiliate payouts over $600 are considered taxable income by the IRS, and many of our affiliates surpass that figure easily. If you have not done this yet, email LeslieAnn@FatLossFoodies.com and request an I-9 form to sign digitally and return.



Fat Loss Cooking School is a 4-week online program that teaches women how to cook and eat real food to balance their metabolic hormones and lose fat.


Every woman who registers for Fat Loss Cooking School will receive:

  • The Fat Loss Cooking School Program Guide: 20+ pages of educational resources introducing her to the basics of the Fat Loss Foodie lifestyle;

  • An easy-to-follow meal template to help her create fat loss-friendly meals;

  • A food list to guide weekly grocery store and farmer’s market trips;

  • Access to private online forum for support from certified coaches and other FLCS members. She can post questions here at any time, or just share successes, food photos, etc. The community this program creates is incredible and truly one of the keys to its success!

  • 100% online and self-paced with weekly video lessons and tutorials on cooking, hormones, and female fat loss.

  • NEW VIP ACCESS: We have learned that many women want more interaction and guidance outside of the FLCS private online forum. For women who want that “next level” of support and accountability, starting in Spring 2019 FLCS, we will host weekly group coaching calls. The $99 cost includes access to all 4 weekly calls and access to the recordings. VIPs will send their questions via email to Leslie Ann by 8 p.m. every Thursday night, and the questions will be answered and discussed the next day on the VIP call.

So what?

What's the hook and how do you sell this program? Why do women need Fat Loss Cooking School and who is it for? 

FLCS is for any woman who has tried every diet - cutting/counting calories, counting macros, cutting carbs - and failed. There are a few basic truths about fat loss, but beyond that - every woman is different. We teach women how to read and understand the hormones that impact their appetite, cravings, and fat loss results. We provide each woman with a template and guide them through the early stages of trial & error as they customize a way of eating that works for their body, the way it is right now.


FLCS is for any woman who wants to know the TRUTH about fat loss. It's not just about calories in vs. calories out. Calories matter, but hormones matter more. If "eating less" and "exercising more" worked, would so many people struggle with their weight? Learn how to cook and eat real food to balance your metabolic hormones and lose weight.


FLCS is for active fitness professionals (i.e. personal trainers, group exercise instructors, etc.) who have not yet figured out how to fuel their bodies for their vigorous activity level while still meeting their personal physique goals. FLCS teaches active women how to fuel the high-level performance their job demands while still losing body fat and retaining/building lean muscle. 

Tell your story. In your voice. Share your transformation and show other women that it IS possible to change your body.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in FLCS even if I don't live in the United States?

Yes, absolutely! Our clients are busy chicks, so all of our programs are as simple and flexible as possible. You can participate in FLCS regardless of where you live since it is online and self-paced. We record and re-post all of our webinars, conference calls, live videos, etc. so you can always catch up if you missed out.

How is the content delivered?

The content is delivered via email and video lessons over the course of 4 weeks. You can watch/read/listen to the lessons you miss at your convenience.

Does it include workouts?

No. The vast majority of body change results come from nutrition, and due to the short nature of the program (only 4 weeks) we choose to focus on JUST ONE THING. Food. Changing your entire diet while also implementing a new fitness program is too overwhelming for most people.

Do I need to buy any special supplements or products to participate?

Absolutely not! Everything you need to participate in FLCS can be found at your local grocery store or farmer's market. We do not prescribe supplements to our clients as this is outside our scope of practice as Personal Trainers and Metabolic Effect Fat Loss Nutrition Coaches.

I'm a Vegetarian. Can I join FLCS?

This depends. One of the trademarks of the Fat Loss Foodie lifestyle is how many low-sugar fruits and vegetables we eat. We believe that a fat loss diet IS a plant-based diet, and whether you choose to add animal protein to your diet is entirely up to you, based on your body and your values. However, many Vegetarians struggle to meet their daily protein intake requirements and eat a mostly starch- (not plant-) based diet like the name of the diet implies. We have had Vegetarian clients at FLF who have seen great results with our programs, but they are eating mostly vegetables and getting additional protein from eggs, egg whites, protein powder, and other dairy products like yogurt and cottage cheese. If you have a dairy allergy AND are Vegetarian, we would highly recommend working privately with a Registered Dietician to create a personalized eating plan that works for you.

What about Vegans?

This is not yet an area we are comfortable working in. We support your choice to live a Vegan lifestyle, but because of the size and diversity of FLCS, we would not be able to give you the unique attention that a Vegan lifestyle requires (especially if your goal is fat loss/improving body composition). We recommend reaching out to a coach who specializes in working specifically with Vegans to ensure all your dietary needs are met. 


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