Where women learn to cook and eat {real} food for hormonal balance and fat loss.


What Is FLCS?

Fat Loss Cooking School is a 4-week online course that teaches women to cook and eat real food for fat loss. This program ends nutrition overwhelm by teaching you the basics of hormonal fat loss. We help you create a simple template for meals that will optimize fat-burning, give you steady energy, and crush cravings.

You will learn how to cook simple, delicious meals with the right amount of macronutrients - protein, fat and carbs - for you.

Why FLCS.png

When you cook and eat real food like a Fat Loss Foodie, you'll have the time, energy, and confidence you need to live the life you want.

Life is too short and you're too busy crushing it - in your career, family, and community - to spend hours in the kitchen each week obsessively weighing and measuring your food into Tupperware containers. 

Fat Loss Foodies are all about one thing: Sustainability. 

We work with REAL women who have careers, families, friends, and a LIFE. You shouldn't have to clear your social calendar and become a shut-in because you're going on a diet to lose weight by a certain date.

We don't do timelines.

We don't do deprivation. 

We don't do cookie-cutter nutrition plans.

Does this sound like a lifestyle you might actually enjoy? 

It is. Just ask the hundreds of women who've completed FLCS and are now living a Fat Loss Foodie lifestyle: cooking more often, cooking better, and fueling their fat loss goals. 

Fat Loss Cooking School 4-week online program: $199

NEW! VIP Access Add-On: $99

This new option includes everything you get in Fat Loss Cooking School plus 4 LIVE weekly conference calls with the FLF coaches for $99. Submit weekly questions to the FLF coaches and join us every Friday for Live Q&A and more in-depth discussion and explanation on the topics that matter most to you. For those who need extra support on their journey, VIP Access has you covered!

Registration is opening soon.

Summer 2019 Fat Loss Cooking School will run from June 3 - June 30. Join the Wait List and be the first to know when registration opens for Summer + get priority access to guarantee your spot!


What You'll Learn

In this four-week online school, here's what you'll learn:

  • Hormonal Fat Loss 101: Get the science behind how your body REALLY burns fat. Weight loss doesn't equal fat loss. Do you know the difference?

  • Female-Specific Fat Loss: Why women need a different approach than men.

  • Your Fat Loss Foodie Template: A simple tool to make all your meals fat loss-friendly.

  • Fat Loss Foodie Strategies for EVERY Meal: No more diets, programs, or cleanses. Create a new lifestyle with food you love. We'll devote an entire week each to Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Desserts & Treats.

  • Simple Cooking Techniques: Practice basic techniques to gain confidence in the kitchen and break up with complicated recipes!

  • No Calorie-Counting or Macro-Tracking: These tools become stressful and lead to obsession and anxiety for many women. In FLCS, you will learn how to eyeball correct portion sizes without counting and tracking your food.

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FLCS is 100% online and self-paced. 

That means no required attendance at certain times, dates, or places. This course is designed to be flexible. We want this to ADD to your life and be fun, not stress you out or add to your overwhelm! 

All FLCS course work is delivered via email, video, and in our private forum. The FLCS Coaches will be interacting with you several times a week. Work through the content at your own pace, on your own time, and from the comfort of your own home! If you have about an hour a week to devote to learning in FLCS - YOU CAN DO THIS.

You'll have access to the FLCS content even after the course ends so you can always come back and review anything you missed. 


Community and Support

You'll have access to our Private Community throughout the 4 weeks of FLCS, where you'll receive education, support, and accountability from Certified Personal Trainers and Fat Loss Nutrition Coaches. And, you’ll be surrounded by women who are on the same fat loss journey as you are. 

NEW for Spring 2019: Our new VIP Access add-on ($99) includes a weekly conference call with the FLF team. A great option for more support and engagement in a smaller group setting.

No "Eat This/Not That" Rules

Cut out peanut butter? Stop putting half & half in your coffee? WHAT?! Listen, girl - you don't need that kind of negativity in your life. This program isn't about restriction and cutting out foods you love. There is no "approved" food list, or off-limit food groups. Instead, Fat Loss Cooking school is all about finding what works for you. 


Fight Nutrition Overwhelm

This is the #1 complaint I get from busy women:

Nutrition is overwhelming!

"There's too much information out there. I don't know what to believe. Eat this, not that. Don't eat carbs. Avoid dairy. Don't eat gluten. Don't eat after 8 p.m. There are too many freakin' rules!"

A Fat Loss Foodie lifestyle is about making food FUN again - food is not the enemy! - and learning what works for your unique metabolism. We don't believe in rules, commandments, or strict 21- or 30-day challenges. We're not going to send you a list of foods you can't eat and you'll never have to ask us, "Am I allowed to eat this?"


Break the Rules - And Still Get Results

What's with all the complicated nutrition rules out there? There are SO many nutrition programs on the market right now that demand you exclude entire food groups: carbs, grains, dairy, fruit - pretty much anything that tastes good is off limits. 

Throughout the 4 weeks of FLCS, we're only going to give you ONE rule to follow:


Spring 2019 fat Loss Cooking School

Summer 2019 Fat Loss Cooking School begins Monday, June 3, and runs through Sunday, June 30. We can’t wait to work with you!