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Red Shrimp and Sweet Potato Curry

Sometimes, I strike out. 

And usually, it's when I try to make stir fry or some kind of Asian cuisine. (Okay it's other times, too. In fact, back when this was just a food blog I had a category called "Bottom Drawer Recipes" - where recipes went to DIE, because they sucked. There were quite a few there....) 

Last night, I tried AGAIN to make stir fry and I'll just cut to the chase: It was foul. I don't understand! I know how to cook! I am GREAT at following recipes! And yet, stir fries: fail, fail, fail every. freakin'. time!

So after last night's "Chicken Cashew Stir Fry" - which was reviewed and dubbed by hundreds of reviewers as "the best stir fry ever" and " a keeper" (LIES) - I gave up.


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