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What Do Fat Loss Foodies Snack on?

“What should I eat for snacks?” So many women are obsessed with snacking because that’s what food marketers have convinced them they need. Fat Loss Foodies is here to tell you the truth: you don’t need snacks. You need to eat bigger and better meals that fuel your body and balance your hormones.

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How Fat Loss Foodies Handle Holidays: 5 Tips for a Lean Thanksgiving

If you're already planning a wardrobe of stretchy leggings and long sweaters for the week after Thanksgiving, hold it right there! We have a better idea:

Think, Cook, and Eat like a Fat Loss Foodie on Thanksgiving Day!

Here's the best part: being a Fat Loss Foodie doesn't require using every ounce of willpower you have to say no to pie (where I come from, skipping PIE IS A CRIME). Living an FLF lifestyle does NOT mean denying yourself and eating lettuce and celery while everyone else enjoys the holiday meal. 

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