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Female Fat Loss: Five Reasons Why It's So Hard

If you want to change your body, what do you do?

You eat less and exercise more. At least that's what almost everyone in the fitness & diet industry tells you to do. Burn more calories than you take in and you'll lose weight. Maybe. At least initially. 

But then what? 

If you're like most women, after a few days or weeks following a diet, you run out of steam. Your energy tanks and you lose motivation. You get really hungry. You really want a cupcake. You get frustrated by the lack of movement on the scale. You see your friends going out for drinks and eating whatever they want. Meanwhile, you're eating a kale salad with lemon water and it friggin' sucks. (Yay #healthyliving #fitspo #cleaneating!)

You feel like you're KILLING yourself and for what? You're not even sure if it's working, or if you're  doing it right.

Mistake #1 is starting a diet program to lose weight, because there is no diet program that exists FOR YOU unless you write it yourself. 

Every woman, every body is different, and thinking that a cookie cutter nutrition plan from the internet or a magazine will give you sustainable body change is like hoping you'll become a 5'10" blue-eyed blonde when you were born a 5'5" brown-eyed brunette. 

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