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You Don't Need a Meal Plan to Get a Hot Body
"I wish I could be a fly on your pantry wall and see what you eat all week."  

My friend Lisa said that to me on Friday and it made me smile for two reasons:

1. You don't actually want to be a fly on my pantry wall. I'm a Ninja fly-killer and I will kill you; and

2. My pantry is 80% dog and cat food and treats, and 10% half-empty bags of gluten-free baking ingredients, and 10% cans of protein powder and jars of nut butter. If you need a Beef Jerky stick or some buckwheat flour, I got you.

I promise you a Beef Jerky stick from my pantry: outside of bodybuilders and competitors prepping for fitness competitions or professional athletes and models preparing for specific events, most lean, fit people don't live on meal plans 365 days a year - and you don't need one either. 

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