New Year = New Headaches? 3 Negative Side Effects of Cleaning Up Your Nutrition

DATE: January 6

"It's day 6 of my new nutrition plan. I haven't cheated and am sticking to the plan. My clothes were starting to fit better and I really thought things were going well, but now....I'm not feeling so hot. In fact, I think I felt better last week when I was still eating sugar and drinking champagne. (That could be the champagne talking though...)
Is cleaning up my nutrition REALLY this hard? Is it normal to feel this bad?" 

Guess what? I can totally relate to how you feel.

As someone who partied a little too hard and relaxed my nutrition a little too much in the waning months of 2015, I confess that I'm 3 days in to a metabolic reset program: the Les Mills 21-Day Challenge. It's not terribly sexy or crazy but man it works: 4 meals a day of lean protein and non-starchy veggies with healthy fats + a post-workout whey protein shake.

I'm not an advocate of strict detoxes and restrictive nutrition plans, but my usual "get back to normal" approach was not working and I. Felt. Terrible. An ounce of dark chocolate in the afternoon was becoming several ounces throughout the day, and I was relying too heavily on gluten-free products (think: gluten-free bread, gluten-free pizza crusts, baked goods, etc.) instead of REAL FOOD like lean protein and vegetables.

With low energy, constant sugar cravings, weight/fat gain, and my clothes not fitting, I had all the signs I needed that it was time to buckle down and knock it off. My husband and I did the Les Mills 21-Day Challenge last January and February with our GRIT teams and I remembered how good I felt AFTER I did the 21-Day Challenge.

Today though, on day 3, I remembered the negative side effects: the afternoon headaches, the inability to push my normal weights in BODYPUMP® class, and feeling tired despite getting 8+ hours of sleep last night.

I've been here before - they are sugar withdrawals - but maybe you haven't and you're wondering what the heck is going on? 

You were lead to believe that body change was all losing inches, clearer skin. and boundless energy - so what gives?!

How can eating BETTER actually make you feel WORSE? 

In this Periscope chat, I'm discussing three of the negative side effects of cleaning up your nutrition plan, what they mean, and why some of them can actually be a GOOD thing. Watch the replay below and then tell me in the comments how you're doing with your nutrition as we start 2016.