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Success Story: Meet Melissa

This month during FLCS was also the MOST stressful month of my life. I put my house on the market. Showings, repairs, inspections…I would normally turn to that pan of brownies or tub of buttercream frosting. Instead, I used my tools, stayed consistent, enjoyed my treats, and received far better results than I could ever imagined.

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Letting Go of Comparison and Finding Her Power: Chantel's Story

I’m so excited to share this success story with you!

Chantel completed Spring 2018 Fat Loss Cooking School, and I’ve continued watching her transformation on social media. She is a military wife, mom, and group fitness instructor, and in the last 4-5 months since working with FLF, she has lost 15 pounds, built lean muscle, and completely transformed her mindset around food and body image.

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