A Big FLF Welcome to Sprouts Farmers Market!

It's a Fat Loss Foodies' dream come true: Sprouts Farmers Market is opening a new store in South Durham! 

I've been watching the construction progress on the new Sprouts for months now; it's in the same shopping center as one of my fave local coffee haunts, Bean Traders. Opening day is almost finally here! The new store opens August 22, and y'all know I'll be there with bells on. Okay - probably not bells, but definitely Reebok, and probably on my way home from the gym, which is when 90% of my grocery store runs happen.


Remember when I posted this photo in my Instagram stories a few months ago? SO GREAT to see this huge empty space become something new and exciting!

Remember when I posted this photo in my Instagram stories a few months ago? SO GREAT to see this huge empty space become something new and exciting!


Sprouts Durham Opening Soon.jpg

If you’ve never heard of Sprouts, it’s a healthy grocery store offering loads of fresh, natural, and organic products at affordable prices. So if you’re looking for grass-fed meats, fresh produce, gluten-free foods, bulk foods, natural body care and household products – the team at Sprouts has all the bases of healthy living covered. I recently took a spin through their store in Raleigh and can’t wait to get more familiar with this place!

Selfishly, I'm *really* glad that Sprouts decided to open a new store in South Durham. There are many days during Fat Loss Cooking School when, despite my best planning, I suddenly realize I'm out of eggs, or I've run out of olive oil, or I need to restock the fridge for a cooking lesson. Having these guys in town will make life super convenient. I'm gonna be a regular lol.

YOU GUYS. It's like a giant FLF playground.

YOU GUYS. It's like a giant FLF playground.

Isn't This Just Another Grocery Store?

There is no shortage of grocery stores here in Durham, so why the heck am I writing about Sprouts and counting down the days till they open?  

As a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, I absolutely love that Sprouts wants to support people in their healthy living journey by making good food more affordable. I am teaming up with them on a series of 3 sponsored blog posts - this is the first one! - because I think Sprouts is such a awesome fit for all the women in the FLF community. 

We are *forever* telling our clients that everything they need to change their bodies and improve their health is AT THE GROCERY STORE – and it doesn't need to be some fancy-shmancy, expensive, gourmet affair that sucks away your whole paycheck. Sprouts has ~18,000 products in each store, and 90% of them are natural or organic. Their produce prices are also 20-25% lower than traditional supermarkets. 

The women we work with here at FLF are busy: managing their careers, running businesses, taking care of their families, being leaders in their communities, having a social life! This "healthy lifestyle"-thing has to be realistic and if it's not simple, fun, and affordable - it ain't happening.

Sprouts is one of those brands that gets it, and that's honestly why I'm so freaking excited to share more about them with the FLF community.

Eat Real Food (But Take Short Cuts, Too!)

Obviously we love cooking here at Fat Loss Foodies, so fresh, whole ingredients like meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables, etc. are our jam, BUT we are also huge believers in using convenience options and short cuts. (DONE beats PERFECT every. single. time.)

When you're too slammed to cook, that doesn't have to mean ordering ordering greasy take-out! The Sprouts Market Corner Deli (aka the prepared foods section) is an amazing option for busy women on the move: grab a healthy entrée or some sides to reheat at home. Make your own BAS (big ass salad) at the salad bar. Snag some sushi for an on-the-go post-workout meal that’s loaded with protein and clean carbs. 

When you can cook - yes, do that. But when you're slammed, you need solid options to keep your body fueled, and this is one of them.

Sprouts is such a great fit for our FLF community and I am SO excited to be teaming up with them to help spread the word: Healthy living shouldn’t be a luxury!

The new store opens in exactly 2 weeks and I have only one serious question remaining: what does one wear to the opening of a healthy grocery store? Black leggings or black leggings? 

Healthy from my Head To-Ma-Toes. GET IT?! Thanks for this sweet new reusable shopping bag, Sprouts!

Healthy from my Head To-Ma-Toes. GET IT?! Thanks for this sweet new reusable shopping bag, Sprouts!

You can learn more about the new Sprouts Durham store (address, hours, etc.) HERE.

They have big plans for expansion with new stores opening soon in Pennsylvania and Washington, and I also heard they are planning to open a store in Greensboro, NC, on Battleground Avenue - so who knows? You may see one of these popping up in your neighborhood soon!

Do you have a Sprouts near you? Have you ever shopped there before? What are some of your fave items I should keep an eye out for? I'll be sharing my new FLF finds with you here and on Instagram soon! Maybe a Fat Loss Foodies Sprout's grocery guide is in the works?! (YES, PLEASE.)