What Do Fat Loss Foodies Snack on?

Does this sound familiar to you?

“I was hungry, so I ate a piece of cheese.

And then I was hungry some more, so I ate a handful of nuts.”

5 minutes later:

“Yep. Still hungry.”

Top: Your nutrition before you work with Fat Loss Foodies. Bottom: After. Any questions? :)

Top: Your nutrition before you work with Fat Loss Foodies. Bottom: After. Any questions? :)

I’ve totally been there. I think we all have!

So many women are caught in this hunger-snack-hunger-snack cycle. They are:

  • Eating healthy, but still hungry.

  • Trying to make the right choices, but still craving junk foods that zap their energy.

  • Working out, but don’t have the energy and fuel from proper nutrition to make any progress or see physique change.

The culprit?


When our clients start working with us in Fat Loss Cooking School, they are almost all making the same mistake: under-eating in general and not eating enough of the right foods often enough. They are eating small portions, going hours without eating - maybe even dabbling in Intermittent Fasting.

Then every few days, when hunger and cravings reach fever pitch, they find themselves in the pantry and fridge eating spoonfuls of nut butter, handfuls of crackers and tortilla chips, half a block of cheese, and a bar of chocolate, their kids’ snacks, etc.

After a good pantry raid, we feel better in a way, right? Hey - at least they aren’t hungry any more! But now the guilt kicks in. And the cycle begins again tomorrow.

“Tomorrow I’ll be good. Tomorrow I’ll be better. That was stupid. I won’t do that again.”

Inevitably, the next question is…

“What Can I Snack On?”

This is the wrong question.

The question you should be asking is, “What’s wrong with my meals?”

If you need a snack after a meal, that’s a sign that the meal you just ate did not work for you.

When you are hungry, you don’t need a snack to “tide you over” until dinner time. You need to *fix your meals* so you aren’t hungry, and that usually means you need more meals that are more bigger.

For shutting down hunger and cravings, protein and fiber from real food are key.

We know, all the foods marketed as “healthy snacks for women” seem so much more enticing, and hey - if granola bars, flavored yogurts, and cheese sticks help you live your best life, then carry on.

But if those snacks leave you hungry with skyrocketing cravings and you need a nap at 2 pm every day - then something needs to change.

Snacks are for babies. We are grown-ass women. We eat meals.

How to End the Cycle

The way to end this cycle of hunger-snacking-over-eating is the OPPOSITE of what you may think.

“I’ll just try harder.” NOPE. More willpower won’t work.

“I just need to find some good snacks.” NOPE. See above scenario of hunger-snack-hunger snack.

“THAT’S IT. I need to get control of my sugar dragon once and for all. My sugar detox starts tomorrow!” NOPE. That’s won’t do jack squat either.

The solution is simple:

You need to stop strong-arming your way between meals and EAT MORE, MORE OFTEN. Stop eating baby snacks, and start eating meals like the grown-ass adult woman that you are.

Eat Balanced Meals to Balance Hormones

At Fat Loss Foodies, when we say “eat more” and “eat meals” we’re talking about about balanced meals made from foods that are:

  • High in protein;

  • High in fiber;

  • High in water content.

We keep protein, fiber, and water high - and then adjust starchy carbs and fat based on our individual needs.

Every woman is different, and every day is different. If you’re sitting at a desk all day, you might not need lots of starchy carbs.

If you’re teaching two hour-long classes at the gym, WHY ARE YOU DOING EATING A HANDFUL OF TRAIL MIX BEFORE A TWO-HOUR WORKOUT??? Carbs, girl. Right now. Let’s go.


Did you notice the difference in the size of the foods in the photo above?

The nuts and cheese are small. They don’t take up much space, yet they have a lot of calories - mostly from fat. Nuts and cheese have a small amount of protein in them, but they are not good protein sources because of their high fat content.

Sure, you’re getting a little protein in these foods, but it’s coming with a lot of fat and a lot of calories for not much food. Fat is the most calorically-dense macronutrient and it adds up fast.

Just ask anyone who has ever measured out a serving of peanut butter. ;)

By comparison, the bowl of chicken stir-fry is BIG! However, the foods in the stir-fry are very nutrient-dense, low-calorie foods. They are high in protein (chicken) and fiber and water (the veggies.) This is usually eaten with a scoop of cooked brown rice or quinoa, and maybe a little cauliflower rice to sneak in even more vegetables and bump up the volume.

If you want to shut down hunger and cravings and the need for constant snacking, this is how you have to start thinking about meals.

Our bodies don’t get the “stop eating” signal from the number of calories we eat. The brain gets the signals to “stop eating”/”we’ve got what we need” from hormones that increase/decrease when we eat. If you want to turn down hunger and cravings, you need to eat to balance hormones like insulin, cortisol, leptin, ghrelin, CCK, and thyroid. This is what we teach in Fat Loss Cooking School.)

Food is information for your body, and certain foods simply tell your brain and body, “We’re good here! We’re satisfied!” better and faster than others.

3 Ways to Stop Derailing Your Day with Snacking

If you’re ready to level up your nutrition and stop eating the same size meals as your child or 4-year old niece, listen up. I’ve got 3 strategies that are guaranteed to work:

  1. Eat more foods that are high in lean protein, fiber, and water.

    Foods like chicken, turkey, and white fish are high in protein. For fiber, choose vegetables like peppers, onions, cabbage, spinach, carrots, zucchini, etc. These vegetables are naturally high in water content, too! Low-sugar fruit like berries, apples, and pears are great fiber + water foods as well!

  2. Eat balanced meals with protein, fiber/carbs, and fat.

    Cheese is not a balanced meal.

    A piece of whole wheat toast with almond butter and banana is not a balanced meal.

    Carrots and hummus is not a balanced meal.

    While they are all perfectly healthy foods, they will leave you hungry within a couple hours because they lack enough protein, fiber, and water. Add protein - around 20-30 grams - and bump up the veggie content, while reducing the starch and fat. Watch your hunger and cravings vanish and notice how your energy skyrockets.

  3. Love the way you eat.

    Fat Loss Foodies cook simple, delicious meals using real food that’s in season. We are genuinely excited about eating big, satisfying meals because they give us energy and focus for hours. We are busy women with careers, families, social lives, etc. and food obsession and dieting is a full-time job we do NOT have time for. Aren’t you tired of thinking about food, worrying about food, calculating what and when you’re eating again?

    You do not have to live like this. Just know that it’s going to take some hard, focused work to learn new skills and habits with food. It will take time, trial, and error to reset your mindset about how you need to eat. It may feel overwhelming, like you don’t know where to start. Take a deep breath, sister. This is what we do. This is the literally process we will teach you in Fat Loss Cooking School.

    FLF Women have empires to build, families to run, and important work to do. We have ZERO time for toddler snacks and hunger and cravings. Here’s to more time spent LIVING and less time spent obsessing over when your next meal is.

HERE’S THE BOTTOM LINE: The small, toddler-sized snack foods that are marketed to women as “healthy snacks” are doing you no favors. Stop buying them! Spend most of your time and grocery budget on protein & produce. Eat more of the right foods more often - not less. Start cooking and eating real food with us here at Fat Loss Foodies. The next round of Fat Loss Cooking School is starting soon, and you can join the wait list to get first notice when registration opens here:

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