Welcome, Jessica Edelglass!

I’m so excited to announce a new guest coach joining the FLF team for Fall 2018 Fat Loss Cooking School!

Please meet Jessica Edelglass! She’s a Boston-based Registered Dietician, mom of 1, and group fitness instructor. Jess and I met online when she signed up for our Summer 2018 round of Fat Loss Cooking School, and we’ve been Internet Friends ever since. :)

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I recently caught up with Jess and asked her everything I was dying to know about how she got her start in fitness and nutrition!

Q: How did you become a Registered Dietician?

A: I didn’t always plan to be! In fact, I started out as a teacher! After a few years working as a teacher, I discovered a passion for food and nutrition. Overcoming disordered eating led me to change careers and go back to school, putting my whole life on hold, to become a Registered Dietitian.

Q: What’s your favorite part of your job?

A: Helping people find their WHY. It’s never really about the food. There is always an underlying issue and I think it’s a huge disservice when we don’t talk about it. Changing our mindset around food is the real work. I think we have to learn how to live with food, and not let it control us.

Q: What’s the #1 thing you want women to know about food?

A: That eating foods that are good for you can also taste good! How you eat determines how you feel. I always say, “Eat the way you want to feel.” BUT, if you love a certain food, you should find a way to include that food in your nutrition plan in moderation. The way you eat doesn’t have to be perfect. Perfect is an eating disorder.

Q: You’ve experienced your own transformation with nutrition and fitness. Tell us how you started out and what that process looked like for you.

A: For as long as I can remember, I felt uncomfortable in my skin. I entered the diet world when I was just 17 years old, losing 20 pounds in 2 months with Weight Watchers.

When I look back on that time period of my life, I was SO unhealthy. I was so neurotic about what I ate, counting raisins (!) to make sure I was within my 20 daily allotted points. All of that fell apart when I went college, and I quickly regained 20 pounds within 4 months.

I tried to take the weight off the only way I knew how: eating less and exercising more. Like, 2 hours of cardio more. I ate a super low-fat diet (it was the early 2000s after all!). Here I am my senior year of college (photo below). I see a girl who was self-conscious about her size, despite doing everything she knew to get leaner.

Jess in College

Q: How are things different for you now?

A: In the last several months, I’ve hooked up with Leslie Ann and Fat Loss Foodies to figure out an even smarter (and more satisfying!) approach to fat loss. I signed up for the Summer 2018 Fat Loss Cooking School and loved the FLF approach to female fat loss and nutrition much that I signed up for - and passed! - the Metabolic Effect Level 1 Fat Loss Nutrition Coach Certification!

I used to think I suffered from binge eating, and with Leslie Ann’s help, realized I wasn’t fueling my body properly and was over-training. Now I’m eating more, feeling more satisfied and I don’t obsess about food and exercise any more. I feel more energetic and as a result, have more to give to my family, friends, work, and self!

In the last 10 years, I've gone from someone who meticulously counted points/calories, under-ate, over-exercised, and who was constantly stressed, to someone who can relax and enjoy food, do less cardio, and lift heavier weights. I’m just more content over all!

And guess what? YOU CAN BE THAT PERSON TOO! 

HOT MAMA ALERT: A healthier, more confident, more content Jess!

HOT MAMA ALERT: A healthier, more confident, more content Jess!

Q: Tell me about your fitness journey! How did you get started with working out and what led you to become a group fitness instructor?

A: I used to be that girl at the gym on the elliptical trainer. I always wondered, “When am I going to see a change?” Then I joined a new gym and decided to try a Les Mills BODYPUMP class because a few bloggers I followed did BODYPUMP. I LOVED IT.

BODYPUMP changed EVERYTHING. Rather than doing cardio eight days a week (ha!), I was finally weight training and my body began to transform. I loved how it made me feel strong, and lifting weights to music totally fit with my musical background. (I’m a pianist and singer!)

A couple instructors at my gym told me I should get certified to teach BODYPUMP, so I took the leap of faith and did it! I went on to obtain certifications in Spinning, as well as Les Mills BODYCOMBAT and CXWorx.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to cook and eat?

A: Believe it or not my husband does a lot of the cooking in our household, but I’m the Pancake Queen! I’ve mastered the art of flipping pancakes and I make some killer pancakes! I also love eggs and could eat them 5 times a day. When people tell me they get sick of eating eggs, I just don’t understand how that’s possible! In the Fall and Winter, I also love making a big pot of chili.

Q: What advice do you have for women who feel overwhelmed and confused about food, nutrition, and fat loss?

A: Two things: First, you don’t have to have all the answers to get started. Just start. You will figure it all out as you go!

Second, take care of yourself. There is so much pressure on women to do everything at once - especially moms. I battled postpartum anxiety after I had my son. It’s really hard. But it’s like that saying, “Put your own oxygen mask on before assisting others.” This doesn’t make you selfish! It makes you a better parent, partner, and person!

Huge thanks to Coach Jess for taking the time to share her incredible story with FLF!

Would you like to work with a team of women like Jess? Women who GET IT because we’ve been there, too? Who can teach you how to create your own lifestyle transformation so you never have to diet again?

If you’re struggling, frustrated, and overwhelmed by dieting and going nowhere fast, please know: there is a better way.

A way that includes nourishing your body - not starving it - by eating real food that you and your family will actually want to eat.

A way that works with your body not against it.

Women require a unique approach to fat loss, and the team of certified FLF coaches - Leslie Ann, Jenn, Kate, and Jess - are ready to teach you the science of hormonal fat loss AND how to make it work in your busy, every day life.

Fall 2018 Fat Loss Cooking School begins on Monday, October 8! Are you ready to learn how to cook and eat real food for fat loss??? Grab your spot now and join us for 4 weeks of fun in the FLCS kitchen.

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