It's HERE! Sprouts Grand Opening + Gift Card Giveaway!

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I had so much fun attending the Sprouts Blogger Tour last night! A group of bloggers in the Raleigh/Durham area was invited to tour the new store during the Sprouts Friends and Family event. The parking lot was so full that I legit freaked out and I thought I was there a day late and had missed the event.

This was my first time since moving to Durham that I've met some of the many local bloggers here. Being a solo entrepreneur has basically turned me into a shut-in who has full-on conversations with her cat and dog all day long (no big deal) so human interaction with other women was a lovely and welcome change! I met a Personal Chef, a few lifestyle bloggers, and a PhD, and I'm now fully stalking everyone on Instagram. Technology FTW. 

A guide from Sprouts walked us through each of the major departments and shared some cool details about the products and the store. She also shared how she's on day 21 of her first Whole30 and would basically die while traveling if she didn't work for a healthy grocery store! (I think anyone who travels for work and tries to live a healthy lifestyle would agree with that statement! It ain't easy out there!)

Personal fave features so far:

  • The produce department takes up the most space of any department and it's right in the middle. It's symbolic of how important they believe fruits and vegetables are to living a healthy lifestyle. (This Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach nodded in agreement. YUS.)

  • So many gluten-free food items. Like it makes the foods WITH gluten look kind of out of place. ;)

  • Accessibility and Inclusivity. Meaning: wherever people are on their healthy living journey, they'll feel at home shopping here. It's not all organic Kombucha and hemp seeds and vegan this & that up in here. If you need to buy conventional items to fit your budget or lifestyle - there's a place for you here, too. These are the kind of values we need more of if we're going to reverse the dangerous health trends in this country. Healthy eating and living is for everyone.


Friendliest. People. Ever.

The highlight of the night was meeting the new manager of the Vitamin and Body Care Department. His name escapes me at the moment, BUT we will be BFFs in no time. I told him he was going to get sick of seein' my face in there. 

He told me how he originally came in to apply for a part-time job, but when they saw his experience level and background - former owner of his own vitamin and supplement shop, certified health coach, and a year of experience in the same department at Whole Foods - they asked him to manage the entire department. He said this is his "dream job" - sharing what he loves and educating guests - and it showed in how he warm and welcoming he was. It may sound silly to you to think that it could be someone's dream job to work in a grocery store, but then - this is not an ordinary grocery store:) Don't you just love meeting people who love their jobs?! Ugh. It makes me happy!  

That staff throughout the entire store is so friendly and upbeat, and they're quick to ask if you need help finding anything. Definitely take them on this because there is SO MUCH GOOD STUFF that it can be a little overwhelming at first! 

Oh, just hanging in my happy place: the Produce Department. Isn't it so beautiful and organized? :)

Oh, just hanging in my happy place: the Produce Department. Isn't it so beautiful and organized? :)

Sprouts Gift Card.jpg

To celebrate the grand opening of the new Sprouts Durham, Fat Loss Foodies is doing a $25 gift card giveaway on Instagram RIGHT NOW (August 22) until 5 p.m. tomorrow! Head over to our Instagram feed @fatloss_foodies and enter to win! I'll announce the contest winner on Friday, August 24! 

Click HERE for details on the new Durham store (location, etc.) and be sure to stop in! It is now open every day from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. FLF girls: GO GET YOU SOME. And be sure you're on our email list because I'm about to drop my grocery list. You can see exactly how I shop!