4th Annual 7-Day Breakfast Challenge Wrap-Up

I'm sad:

Today is the last day of our 4th annual 7-Day Breakfast Challenge. This year, over 300 women signed up for the breakfast challenge - our biggest one yet! Our Fat Loss Foodies team was joined by four amazing FLF Ambassadors who pitched in and helped with coaching, recipes, and social media support.

Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash: one of our favorites during this year's breakfast challenge!

Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash: one of our favorites during this year's breakfast challenge!

The 7-Day Breakfast Challenge is an Instagram challenge we started running about 4 years ago. We wanted to prove that changing your nutrition didn't have to be this massive, overwhelming, complicated thing. That it could really be as simple as starting with ONE meal.

Changing what you eat for breakfast seems almost deceptively simple, easy, and fun - and therein lies its power;) 

To participate, we have as few guidelines as possible. Just eat real food. No protein bars. No sugar-free, fat-free weird food-like substances. Make your meal high protein and high fiber.

That's it.

We give lots of recipes, ideas, and support so that no matter what your mornings look like - YOU CAN DO THIS. Here's a sample of some of this year's Instagram check-ins:

Clearly, we are united by our love of coffee....

Clearly, we are united by our love of coffee....

The feedback we get from the 7-Day Breakfast Challenge blows us away every year and 2017 was no exception. Unlike in previous challenges, this time, I wanted to round it all up and house it in ONE place. 

Here are some of our favorite testimonials from this year's challenge:

This challenge brought some serious changes my way. I had been eating little packets of oatmeal for breakfast every day. Every day this week I cooked my breakfast meal. It really didn’t take up as much time as I thought it would. As the week progressed I noticed I woke up with more energy. I wasn’t dragging myself out of bed any more. My energy level stayed up during the day. I’ve been able to give more of myself to my family, my workouts, and just life without thinking “ugh, I’m so tired I don’t want to do this.”

Food is not stressing me out near as much as it had before. My stomach has gone down almost 2 inches and after being stuck on the scale for weeks, I’ve dropped 3.8 pounds. I think I didn’t do this sooner because I didn’t know what the heck I was doing! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and empowering women!
— Amanda
I have felt tremendously better this entire week because not only have we been eating this way for breakfast, but also lunch and dinner. This is so amazing. Thank you!!!
— Molly
I am finding that I really do need a fair amount of food first thing in the morning to not be hungry 2 hours later.
— Laura
The best part of the challenge is my children became curious about my breakfast shenanigans this week. They gobbled down a healthy serving of spinach & cheese egg scramble with turkey sausage and strawberries!!
— Jeannie
The most important thing I’m taking away from this week is that I’m not just conscious about what I’m putting into my body at breakfast, but every other meal as well. I’ve managed to lose 3 lbs without changing my workout schedule and have met my next weight goal.
— Nyree
Food shopping with the hubs and he asks, “What kind of breakfast do we get this week?”
What happened in one week?!?!?! He’s on board? Finally 😉.
Thank you for everything; tips, recipes, encouragement, and of course SUPPORT this week!
— Erica
Nutrition is the most challenging component for my family. I wasn’t happy (initially) when my husband stole my roasted veggies (those were for my scramble!). Then my kiddo grabbed the egg whites and said, “Mom, so how do I do this?”

I’ve felt overwhelmed by all the research. Should I throw everything out in my pantry and start over? I loved that the breakfast challenge was so simple and easy to follow. I love that my family jumped in without realizing it. I didn’t give a big speech about how we have to eat better. I just made things they liked and they ate them. So simple. How did I miss this?

I hate to admit: part of me wanted you to be wrong. I wanted to believe that it was just too hard for me to incorporate into my life. I was looking for the deal-breaker: will she say no cream in my coffee? Live without peanut butter? But I love that your approach requires the honesty to look at what you eat and see how it makes you feel. It doesn’t demand perfection and acknowledges that your body will change.
— Pearl

That's all from ONE WEEK. ONE MEAL.

We did not send out meal plans.

We did not send out lists of "approved/forbidden" foods.

It was not about losing weight, but that certainly happened. It's a side effect of eating for hormonal balance and actually giving your body enough calories, giving it the nutrient-dense food it needs to thrive.

If you did the 2017 7-Day Breakfast Challenge with us:

1. Thank you thank you thank you, and

2. Keep going!!!

Every year, we have women who hit their stride in the breakfast challenge and end up changing their entire approach to food. They keep cooking and their bodies keep changing, long after the challenge is over. It's freaking amazing! And all we had to do was teach them to cook FLF breakfasts with us in a free online challenge:)  


Some women end the challenge and realize they need this kind of education, support and accountability to meet their goals. If that's you, we have two options: our FLF Online Tribe or our 4-week online program, Fat Loss Cooking School.

Cook more. Cook better. Feed your goals, girl!

Cook more. Cook better. Feed your goals, girl!

Registration for our Fall 2017 Fat Loss Cooking School is now open! 

get details and reserve your spot here:

School starts Monday, September 25. We'll also be doing lots of Facebook and Instagram live videos leading up to the start of FLCS to answer questions and talk about the program so you know exactly what to expect. Be sure to pop on and say hi! And, if you have questions, don't hesitate to drop us a line. Email LeslieAnn(at)FatLossFoodies.com. We love hearing from you and would love to work with you.