Are You Being a Body Brat?


Buckle up, sweetheart, some tough love coming your way…

Do you have two arms? Two legs? Can you move all four limbs freely at your own will? 

Already, hundreds - if not thousands - of people around the world would do ANYTHING to have YOUR body! Think about that.

If you are not already exercising or practicing some form of physical fitness, then you, sister, are taking serious advantage of your situation. If you are hating on what you have - a perfectly good body that moves when and how you want it to - then that's what I call "Being a Body Brat"! 

The next time you're tempted to trash talk your body, remember this: Not everybody has what you have. The ability to move the way you do. 

Perhaps you don't quite appreciate all your body is truly capable of because you have not tested it yet.  

Test the Waters

Forget about the scale. Forget about the cellulite on your legs (guess what, most all women have some!) So, what - you have some extra fat you want to lose? No problem. That’s the easy stuff if you ask me.  

The hard part is shifting your mindset. Instead of frowning upon what you don’t like, it’s time to wake up and appreciate everything your body really can do. 

Outer strength must first come from within. And then? You gotta put it into practice and get moving. 

Personal Example:

Every time I do a challenging workout, I don’t think to myself, “I suck at these moves” or “This is too hard.” Because guess what? Someone somewhere out there would LOVE to be able to do those damn mountain climbers. Think about how fortunate you are to be able to run or jump or maybe even do a burpee!  

You Never Realize What You Have Until It's Gone

I know what it’s like to be restricted from physical exercise. For an entire year, I was prohibited from all physical fitness due to a medical diagnosis. Working out honestly never seemed more appealing to me than the moment I realized I actually COULDN’T do it.  


Each workout should be an appreciation for how strong your body is. It is a privilege to use the ones we are given. And the beauty is, we can design them to be whatever we want.  

You want more muscle? Cool! There’s a workout routine for that. 

You want to be stronger? Perfect, you can do that too! 

Do you see where I am going with this?

It’s ok to feel frustrated at times. These changes will not happen overnight. They will take time and patience. In the grand scheme of things, we only have a short span of time on this blue rock.  Wouldn’t you rather be looking forward to your workouts and what you’re getting out of them as opposed to just ‘getting through’ them to maybe see a number on the scale go down?

That’s like going to a job you hate every single day only because you want to eventually make more money. Blech. Make it a part of your life that you enjoy. 

It doesn’t matter how you move. Just. Start. Moving! There are plenty of workouts and classes out there to try. If you need direction or advice, feel free to hit me up Instagram HERE or shoot me an email at Platesnweightsfitness (at) and let's talk about ways we can get you moving in a way you actually LIKE. 

Being Interested vs. Being Ready

You have the power to decide whether or not you really want to make a change. Think about it. Maybe you are content with where you are at; maybe you sort of kind of want to see some weight loss - but you’re not 100% willing to make some small sacrifices to get there. That's cool, too. 

However, if you are serious about making a change in your lifestyle and actually seeing long-lasting results, then certified coaches and trainers like me or the ladies here at FLF can help you get started. All you have to do is ask! 

Quit dwelling on what you may not have right now and go out there and show your body some freakin’ gratitude! 

Let's get the good vibes going in the comments below: tell me ONE thing you LOVE that your body can do, or one thing you're grateful for when it comes to your body. READY, SET, GO!

I can't wait to read them! 

Sydnee Weinberg is a NASM-certified Personal Trainer, Les Mills National Presenter and Certified Group Fitness Instructor and a self-proclaimed Nutrition Ninja. She does NOT believe in cutting out all the foods you love just to transform your body! Connect with Sydnee and check out her new website at Plates n Weights Fitness! And heads up: she's currently giving away a FREE guide to understanding macros! Go snag it!