Weekly Workouts + What We're Eating 11.6.16

Happy Monday, FLF girls! Leslie Ann here, sharing another Weekly Workouts + What We're Eating post! This was a really good week for me, getting three of my own training sessions in outside of teaching classes. The workouts I did on my own were relatively short - around 45 minutes, except for the Wednesday Upper Body workout that took an hour, and I think that was mostly because I was just being lazy! (Hey, it happens to the best of us:) 



I didn't get to teach my regular Monday night BODYCOMBAT® class. It was canceled due to Halloween. I took my night off from teaching as an opportunity to get in a quick-but-killer posterior chain workout!

WARMUP: 1 mile run

Trap Bar Deadlifts: 2x6 at 135 lbs. 2x6 at 155 lbs. 

Wide-Grip Lat Pulldowns: 3x12

Weighted Back Extensions (holding 10 lb plate): 3x15 - to target the glutes more than the spinal extensors, turn feet out to 45 degrees. Keep upper back slightly rounded throughout the move and really focus on the glute contraction at the top of the move.

Single Leg Weighted Hip Bridges (holding 25 lb. plate): 1 set each of 15/12/10 reps alternating legs


8:30 a.m. Taught BODYFLOW®

5:30 p.m. Taught BODYCOMBAT® - I'm still mentoring a newbie BODYCOMBAT instructor so this class was team taught: I did 5 tracks and he did 5. It's so fun building a new class at a new gym from absolute nothing! I love the challenge - and we had more people in class than last week! 


1 p.m. Upper Body Workout - I was not feeling this workout and really wanted to just skip it, but I got in and did it anyway. I surprised myself and ended up adding some core work at the end, proving that once again - the key is to just get started. Just get to the gym and start moving. Nine times out of ten, you'll hit your groove and be so glad you decided to workout! 

Olympic Barbell Overhead Press 4x8

Dumbbell Chest Press 3x12 

Lat Pulldown 3x10

Face Pulls 3x15

Dumbbell Hammer Curls 2x10

Bicep Cable Curls 1x20

Dumbbell Lateral Raise: 1 set each of 15/12/10 reps 

Tricep Pushdowns: 1x20

Ab Finisher: I did a circuit that included some exercises from CXWorx®. Scissor drops with a plate overhead, followed by a 1 minute hover, and then 15 ab mat sit-ups. I completed 3 rounds of this.

Hello, back and shoulder gains! 

Hello, back and shoulder gains! 


8:30 a.m. Taught BODYCOMBAT® Express (30 mins) + CXWorx® (30 mins)

5:30 p.m. Taught BODYPUMP®


I wanted to get in a quick sweaty workout before heading out for date night with my husband. When time is off the essence, treadmill sprints are my go-to for an efficient fat-burning workout. 

25 minutes of treadmill sprints 

Olympic Barbell Front Squats: 3x10

Leg Extensions: 4x10 (increased weight slightly for each set) 


9:30 a.m. Coached GRIT Cardio (30 mins)

I've started sharing my workouts here and more like them with my online clients because I want to share this message, especially for my fellow group fitness instructors:

You don't need to do complicated, fancy, or crushing 2 hour workouts outside of the classes you teach to change your body.

Since I've tossed the pursuit of "perfect workouts" out the window and just committed to lifting on my own at least twice a week, I've been more consistent and I'm actually seeing results. 

Previously, I believed that unless I was doing some special training program (the kind you hire someone to write for you, or the kind of cookie cutter programs you buy online), I couldn't get benefits from doing my own workouts. 

"What if I'm not doing it right? What if I should be training less reps or more sets or different muscle groups or BLAH BLAH BLAH. What if I need to weight train 5 days a week and do splits (i.e. chest and tris day, back and bis day) like a bodybuilder when I really I just don't like doing that? Should I sign up for Crossfit? Maybe I need that..." 

You guys. I'm a personal trainer. I know this shit. And even I was psyching myself out that what I was doing wouldn't be good enough. I coach a lot of group fitness instructors and help them with their nutrition and they tell me the same thing: They want to train outside of classes but they get so overwhelmed with it all that they end up doing nothing.

That way of thinking kept me stuck for a long time. It kept me from taking action. Ultimately, I had to just get in the gym and figure it out for myself and see what happened. I started doing it my way and guess what? It worked. 

Since January/February 2016, I've stuck to my commitment to train like this and for the most part, I've done it every week. The results speak for themselves. I have more muscle and more definition, and am leaner than I was from just teaching classes. I'm also not going too far: building so much muscle that my clothes no longer fit, training so hard that I'm perpetually sore and smashed from every workout. I just don't see the point and I don't like that feeling so you know what? I'm not doing it.

I do 45 minute-workouts that combine cardio and weight lifting.

I do moderately heavy weight and reps in the 10-15 range. I focus on primary lifts like squats, deadlifts, and presses, but I also throw in some isolation exercises for biceps, triceps and shoulders because I think a woman's best accessory is a set of sculpted arms. 

I train 2-3 days a week in addition to the classes I teach.

And for the first time EVER I am being consistent, enjoying it, and getting great results.  

Oh and P.S. I had a glass of champagne and a huge salad with seared salmon on it the night before I took that picture. I'm not wearing makeup and I didn't retouch or edit this photo. No chicken & broccoli diet here. 

Oh and P.S. I had a glass of champagne and a huge salad with seared salmon on it the night before I took that picture. I'm not wearing makeup and I didn't retouch or edit this photo. No chicken & broccoli diet here. 

It's this funny thing called moderation and balance. The longer I work in this industry and the more women I work with and coach, the more I believe that moderation and balance are the answer to all of our troubles and frustrations with our bodies. Stay out of the extremes, in your diet and in your training, and do what you like - just enough to get results - and let it be good enough.


Here are some highlights from the week! 

Wednesday Lunch-on-the-Run:

I slammed down a mug of our Pumpkin Soup before I ran out the door for gym visits. I knew I wouldn't get very far on a cup of soup, so I grabbed a Jimmy John's Unwich and a Venti Iced Green Tea to round out the meal with more protein, fiber, and water! 

Thursday Night 

My husband was out of town for work so I decided to grab dinner for one at the Wolfgang Puck Kitchen & Bar here in Greensboro. I ordered my favorite salad - the Chopped Salad - with seared salmon on top and added a glass of Prosecco with a splash of Pomegranate to celebrate...I don't know - life. 

Saturday Afternoon 

Sugar Cookie Dough Bliss Bites - What if you want a sweet treat that tastes like cookie dough without all the rancid, bad-for-you ingredients like white flour and canola oil? Well until we created this recipe you were pretty much screwed lol. Raw cookie dough lovers - we got your back on this one. ENJOY!!!  

I hope you enjoyed this Weekly Workout + What We're Eating post! Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think! 

Have a great week! 

- Leslie Ann



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