{NEW} Weekly Roundup

Dear Readers: Since you frequently ask us for tips on what to read and who to follow when it comes to female fitness & nutrition, we're now sharing our weekly finds with you in one convenient place. Each Sunday, we'll share the best things we've read throughout the week on women's fitness, nutrition, healthy living, and mindset.

So, without further adieu, our first edition of Fat Loss Foodies' Sunday Best! If you find a GREAT article you want to see here, please share it with us! Email the link to info@FatLossFoodies.com! 

Fat Loss Foodies' Sunday Best: Volume 1




How Eating Too Little is Wrecking Your Progress 

"Many women have a warped perspective of what “enough” food really is—especially when trying to lose weight. This warped perspective can hinder fat loss, strength gain, muscle gain, energy levels, and overall health." - by Laura Shoenfeld



This One Small Change Makes It So Much Easier To Stick With Your Fitness Routine

"In Western science and medicine, we are taught to expect black and white answers. All my clients want to know the exact right way to do things, the exact right combination of exercises, and the exact right eating plan. I assure you: There is no such thing. But that doesn't stop marketing and media from inundating us with claims of “scientifically proven” ways to lose weight or get shredded fast. (Insert eye roll here.)"

Lifestyle & Mindset

5 Yoga Poses to Do Before You Go To Sleep

"Yoga has a way of calming the nervous system. Through deep breathing, long stretches and relaxing postures, yoga can help induce a good night’s sleep so you feel rested and ready for the day that lies ahead." - by Shoshana Hebshi.
READ MORE (Numbers 3 and 4 are my favorite! - Leslie Ann)

Peace Out, 'Bikini Body' - We're Kicking You Off of Our Covers For Good

"Dear 'Bikini Body,'
"You’re actually a misnomer, not to mention an unintentional insult: You imply that a body must be a certain size in order to wear a two-piece. Any body—every body—is a bikini body. You’ve got a shaming, negative undertone that’s become more than annoying. Listen, rocking a bikini does require confidence, but we’d rather focus on the greater benefits of getting a strong-as-hell core: running, surfing, dancing, climbing, being able to carry a 2-year-old up and down the stairs 10 times a day.
"When one reader said, 'I hate how women’s magazines emphasize being skinny or wearing bikinis as the reason to be healthy,' it became so clear: We never want to be that type of women's magazine. So, 'Bikini Body,' see ya. Wouldn’t wanna be ya." - Amy Keller Laird, editor-in-chief at Women's Health Magazine

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If you have a hard time with breakfast - remembering to eat it, making time to eat it, not knowing what to cook, not sure what to eat for fat loss - this Challenge will give you a great head-start for making this one small (but significant) change to your lifestyle! 

Happy Sunday, lovelies! xo - Leslie Ann