What a Fat Loss Workout Isn't

Do your workouts look like this?

Listen up, girlfriend: You are not a Border Collie.

If you are a woman seeking fat loss, be wary of training routines that feel overly complicated, dangerous, and/or overwhelming. 

"Jump on this box!  Stand on that bosu ball and do curls!  Run over there!  Slam those ropes!  Now run back over here!  Jump through these hoops!"

I call it "Human Circus Time" and these workouts tend to resemble the obstacle & agility courses set up for dogs.  You may get very sweaty and feel "worked out," but they are not efficient for body re-shaping and fat loss. 

The most effective fat loss workouts are the ones that progressively overload the muscles and generate a metabolic response: breathlessness, burning in the muscles, heat in the body (sweat). They are also workouts that use challenging resistance, which is all relative to you and your fitness level. Another girl's idea of "lifting heavy" might be your idea of easy, or vice versa.

 The exercises are simple - squats, presses, pulls, curls, lifts - and have been around for years because they WORK. 
Here's a simple circuit of 4 hybrid exercises that you can complete with two sets of dumbbells, one heavier set + one lighter set.


1. Squat + Bicep Curl + Shoulder Press x 10
2. Chest Press + Crunch x 10
3. Tricep Pushup + Dumbbell Row Right Arm/Left Arm x 10
4. Lunge + Bicep Curl x 10

Complete 4 rounds - pushing yourself as hard as you can until you have to rest. 

Unlike the obstacle course, this workout will actually burn fat. 

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