Real Food Always Wins: The Fat Loss Foodie Breakfast

This herb garden is fast becoming one of the highlights of my summer:

(I know, I really need a vacation for saying that…)

Fresh herbs are making their way into almost all of our meals lately, and it’s taking everything up a notch in flavor! It’s even inspiring me to revisit old recipes that I lost interest in. Recipes like mini frittatas (aka “crustless quiche” or “egg cupcakes”.)

I’ve avoided making these mini frittatas for ages because – well, they just plain bore me. They are ubiquitous on Pinterest and healthy recipe blogs/websites, and I think everyone on the Interweb now knows that making crustless quiche/frittatas/egg cupcakes in muffin tins are an “adorable, quick, convenient, gluten-free, high-protein breakfast!”


Then I saw all the gorgeous Purple Basil in the herb garden this morning and decided to give the mini frittata another chance.

Aside from the herbs, the fridge dictated the rest of this recipe. I killed off a massive amount of baby spinach (3 giant handfuls), the rest of the spicy breakfast sausage from the NC Farmer’s Market, and several big spoonfuls of the Goat Lady’s herbed goat cheese (also from the NC Farmer’s Market).

“I Can Haz Cheese?”

Can we please put to rest the idea that eating for fat loss means no flavor, no cheese, and no fat?  I’ve heard too many statements like this from ladies at my gym this week: “I know cheese is bad. I shouldn’t eat it.”

No, cheese is not bad. Eating yellow square “cheese” in a greasy Bojangles biscuit with sausage and egg is where things go wrong, not by adding a little goat cheese, feta, or ricotta to your morning omelet. Yes, you can still eat cheese and have a lean, fit, healthy body! (This is a good thing – because if someone tried to take away my cheese, I would cut them with my chef’s knife.)

Stick a fork in it: The old days of eating low-fat, bland, salt-free food for fat loss are over.

A Simple Choice

Pick one:

A. Plain scrambled egg whites and sautéed spinach


B. Sausage, Spinach & Basil Mini Frittatas

Both options will work for fat loss, but only one will make you happy and thus, more likely to continue with it until it becomes a habit.

One of these options will make you long for the donuts in your office conference room and obsess over all the delicious foods you’re missing out on.

One of these options will make you say, “Donuts in the conference room? No thanks. I made these amazing mini frittatas yesterday morning and brought them with me. They are SO good!”

You can choose to let the food you eat make you miserable and sad, or you can choose the opposite.

I took those two fat loss eating staples – eggs and spinach – and added more flavor and satisfaction by adding just a little bit of some REALLY good ingredients: indulgent, flavorful foods like herbed goat cheese and spicy sausage.

Sausage?!  Cheese!?  Full fat?!  (((CLUTCH THE PEARLS!))))  Will the Universe allow this?

A BIG part of my food philosophy is that it’s better to use a little of the real thing than to use fat-free, low-fat, reduced-calorie ingredients that usually have added sugar or chemicals and don’t taste NEARLY as good. When you end up eating 3x as much of something to feel satisfied, that kind of defeats the purpose of eating reduced-calorie foods, doesn’t it?

Real food always wins: for flavor, for enjoyment, and for fat loss.

This Sausage, Spinach & Basil Mini Frittata recipe works for fat loss because:

  • It’s mostly protein from the eggs and egg whites;
  • It contains loads of baby spinach to boost the fiber content and fill you up!
  • It has with a little bit of fat from good sources (from the egg yolks, sausage, and goat cheese) for satiety and flavor.

A True Fat Loss Foodie Breakfast

A Fat Loss Foodie breakfast is high-protein, contains healthy fats, and has good carbs from sources like low-sugar fruits. Also required: so much deliciousness that you actually WANT to eat it.

Have 2-3 of these mini frittatas for breakfast, plus a big handful of fresh berries or a sliced peach, grab some coffee and BOOM! You are full and fueled for a morning of steady energy and no hunger! What’s better than that?! That is the PERFECT Fat Loss Foodie Summer breakfast, my friends.

And with that, the mini frittata is worth eating again.