About Fat Loss Foodies


What does Fat Loss Foodies do?

Fat Loss Foodies teaches women how to cook and eat real food to feed their body change goals. We believe everything you need to change your body can be found at the grocery store or the Farmer's Market. Real food is all you need! 

We teach our clients the basics of hormones and metabolism - which are kind of a big deal for us fit chicks. Your hormones affect everything, from your mood and appetite to whether you are burning fat or storing fat.

By adopting a Fat Loss Foodie lifestyle, you will balance your hormones and change the shape of your body by burning fat and building/maintaining lean muscle. You will also have a healthier relationship with food. To FLF Girls, food is both fuel AND fun, not something to be restricted or obsessed over. 

How can I work with Fat Loss Foodies? 

We would LOVE to work with you in our signature online program, Fat Loss Cooking School!

Fat Loss Cooking School is a 4-week online program that teaches women how to cook and eat real food for hormonal fat loss. Registration for our next FLCS is opening soon! Learn more here:

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