Last year, after the first Fat Loss Cooking School of 2017 ended, the ladies told us they weren't ready to leave yet. They asked how they could stay connected to each other and to FLF. We didn't have an answer, so we created a way:)


Join our NEW VIP Membership for the accountability, support, and sisterhood you need to make the most of your new lifestyle! There is no long-term commitment required; it's a month-to-month subscription and you can cancel any time you feel ready to head out on your own and fly solo! Stay as long as you need to! 


What You Get As an FLF VIP Member:

  • Membership in our private Facebook group where you can interact with the FLF Coaching Squad daily. You'll be surrounded by your coaches and a team of ladies with shared goals! 
  • Access to FLF Trifecta Workouts. For a lean, fit, healthy body, you need three kinds of training: Strength, Cardio, and Flexibility. FLF Trifecta is our fitness program that gives you the game plan and the schedule to train for a body that feels as good as it looks. (*NOTE: To make the most of Trifecta workouts, gym access is recommended.)
  • Advanced Nutrition and Training Strategies to dial in your nutrition and training. FLCS gave you the foundation. Now learn how strategies like macro tracking, fasted training, re-feed meals/days, and metabolic resets can take your body composition to the next level.
  • Monthly Coaching Focus to teach you more about nutrition, training, and different elements of living an FLF lifestyle.
  • Access to Leslie Ann, the FLF Coaches, and top female fitness experts. How can we help you? You have a team of trainers and coaches on call Monday - Friday. I'll also be inviting special guest speakers in to help broaden your knowledge of fitness and nutrition!
  • LIVE monthly call with Leslie Ann and the whole FLF VIP team. 

Within 24 hours of purchase, you'll receive a confirmation email welcoming you to the FLF VIP Membership Group. PLEASE NOTE: you can cancel your membership any time you like, however, after monthly payments are processed, refunds cannot be offered. Make note of your billing date and prepare accordingly!


Who is the FLF VIP Group for?

  • Women who have completed Fat Loss Cooking School. If you haven't gone through our signature 4-week program yet, get details on joining the next round here.
  • Women who LOVE the FLF lifestyle. You love cooking and eating real food, and you're not afraid to throw down in the gym and get a little sweaty. You've got ZERO interest in "losing weight" - but you DO want to get leaner by reducing body fat and building lean muscle.
  • Women who crave community and accountability. Lifestyle change is hard enough. Why go it alone? The FLF VIP Group is like hanging out in your kitchen with your girlfriends or sisters - with a good cup of coffee, obviously. If you want a place to check-in and hang out with other women who share your goals and interests, this is the group for you!
  • Women who want to get leaner, stronger, and healthier. Being in a coaching group won't change your body. You have to take charge of your life and make your body change through consistency and hard work! FLF gives you the knowledge and tools to make that happen, and the VIP Group means you'll never be in it alone.
  • Women who understand we are all created to be unique. We respect and honor the individual and believe that every woman's journey - and body - is different. We won't be sharing meal plans where we're all eating the same thing every day, because guess what? We're all as different on the inside (our hormones, metabolism, etc.) as we are on the outside. Cookie cutter plans may work temporarily, if you can follow them. But girl - you were born to stand out! Own your uniqueness and forge your own path. The FLF team has your back all the way. 

If we just described you, then let's go! 

Becoming a member of the FLF VIP tribe will give you the support and community you need to change your lifestyle once and for all.

FLF VIP Group Testimonials

My life has improved so much since you and Fat Loss Foodies came into my life - and I love it. I’m healthier, happier, more productive, and handle most things much better. I don’t hate eating. I actually enjoy working out for myself again. I have become a much more confident and competent instructor. All the good things are happening and I want to keep things moving in that positive direction. I have so much respect for you and your whole philosophy on health, nutrition and fitness. It is so realistic and that’s why it works. The FLF community has also been a game changer for me. Constantly interacting with other amazing women on a similar journey has been so helpful for me.
— Eliza, One-on-One Coaching Client, FLF Online Tribe member
The inches lost made me so excited! In 6 weeks, I’ve lost inches in my waist, hips, and even lost an inch and a half on each thigh.
— Ellen, One-on-One Coaching Client, FLF Online Tribe Member
“My hunger, energy, and cravings have been in check since learning how to follow my fat loss template! I used to be starving, cranky and craving sugar by 3 p.m. every day. Now I feel good and chocolate is safe in the house again. My husband even noticed that our stash of chocolate was lasting longer lol!”
— Candice, FLCS graduate and FLF Online Tribe member
“I’m just 2 days in and I have already made some major diet changes. I almost feel free; no more stressing over eating fats! (I grew up on a low-fat, low-protein diet). Making positive changes for my health and for my family feels amazing. Thank you FLF!”
— Amy, One-on-One Coaching Client, FLF Online Tribe Member
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