Grass-fed Beef Baked Meatballs

This recipe includes the Ethiopian spice blend known as berbere, but you can easily sub the much-easier-to-find garam masala. Along with the raisins, it gives the meatballs a warm sweetness.

The original recipe was easy to modify! I ditched the breadcrumbs and instead added 1 Tbs. of coconut flour for a binding agent to hold the meatballs together. I also reduced the cheese down from 3/4 of a cup because an Italian cheese in Ethiopian meatballs just seemed weird to me:) If you have a dairy allergy, I'm willing to bet money you could leave the cheese out entirely and the recipe would be A-okay.

Epcot Food & Wine Festival Recipe: African Butter Chicken

The only way I would agree to this trip was because it was billed by my husband as a "foodie adventure." The annual Epcot Food & Wine Festival is supposed to be a really big deal, so I figured 1) I could at least blog about it or get some new recipes and 2) I could practice that whole "marriage is about compromise"-thing.