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How to Handle Setbacks in the Fat Loss Lifestyle (and why sugar is not going to kill you)

It was so good to get back to my Periscope coffee chats today! I've been busy traveling for work and I haven't been able to do them as often as I'd like (or worse, I do them late at night when I'm exhausted and can't form complete sentences!) I absolutely love Periscope for connecting with women all over the world.

Today's chat is inspired by those moments that feel a lot like failure when it comes to changing your body. Those moments when you break down and ((GASP!)) eat a cupcake.

I believe some in the fitness & nutrition industry have gone a little too far when it comes to teaching people how to eat healthfully to change their bodies. Trendy attitudes surrounding sugar include:

  • Sugar is toxic
  • Sugar is the crack cocaine of our time
  • Your body must be rid of all sugar, preferably in the form of an expensive detox program involving juices, teas, shakes, and supplements

Should sugar be a mainstay in your diet? No. Does consuming sugar have consequences for our digestion, metabolism, and body composition? No doubt.

The thing is - all of the women I work with already know this when they come to me for help. In fact, believing that sugar is the Devil is usually what gives it so much power over them.

What if it was just sugar? What if we stopped Food Babe-ing for a second and learned a healthier mindset towards consuming sugar and so-called "bad" foods. Why does eating a cookie or a cupcake HAVE to trigger an epic shame spiral that sets the stage for binge eating and cultivates disordered behaviors around food and eating?

It doesn't.

So let's all take a deep breath and get some perspective here:

In this chat, which you'll find posted below, I'm going to teach you how to take those "mistakes" (which honestly aren't that big of a deal) and make them work FOR YOU and your goals.

Learning to welcome and embrace struggles is a huge game-changing attitude that I never had until I started living this lifestyle. Enjoy the chat and let me know what you think;)



Did you find this chat helpful? Spread the word below on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter! I hope to see you on a future Periscope chat soon!